Airbnb Experiences

Give a Beat is proud to be selected as one of the pioneering nonprofits to host social impact experiences for Trips – the new face of Airbnb. We are equally honored to be one of the few nonprofits featured on their Social Impact Experience homepage. Give a Beat is currently hosting two experiences on this platform, “Life-Changing Music” in Los Angeles, and “Inside Out Music Experience” in San Francisco.  We plan to add experiences in Detroit and Miami this Spring.


Life-Changing Music” is an invigorating and educational experience hosted by founder and CEO of Give a Beat, Lauren Segal. This experience will impart guests with new knowledge and insights, honed DJ skills, and a memorable night of dancing. Beginning with an exclusive tour of Homeboy Industries in Downtown Los Angeles, guests will learn about their training program which employs previously incarcerated individuals in various social enterprises. The tour will be followed by a Cal-Mexican lunch at Homegirl Café while engaging in conversation with a Give a Beat team member. Guests will then head over to Silverlake where they will receive private DJ lessons with a house music veteran at the world-renowned Point Blank Music Studios. Later that night, guests will get to dance the night away at one of L.A.’s best underground night clubs. To learn more or to book a date, click here.


Inside Out Music Experience,” is a two-hour experience where guests will activate toward social justice with host, Zach, freelance journalist for SF Station. This experience begins with a private two-hour DJ lesson at Pyramind, one of the country’s top music production schools, with DJ Shawn Mercado (aka M3RC). Shawn has performed with artists such as The Chainsmokers, LA Riots, Blasterjaxx, and many more. Later, guests will get to dance their heart out at the Bay Area’s premier electronic music dance club, The Great Northern.  To learn more or to book a date, click here.

To learn all about Airbnb’s new “Trips” platform, click here. Watch the video.

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