Give a Beat engages and activates the electronic music community around mass incarceration in the United States. Thanks to your support, we bridge the electronic music community with youth and families impacted by incarceration through DJ workshops, education, and advocacy.



Todd Strong - Director of Strategic Partnerships

Eric Marcoullier - Board Member

Leon Morley - Board Member

Matthew Adell - Board Member

Melissa Hou - Board Member

Michael Mendoza - Board Member

Christina Rinker - Advisory Board

DJ E-Clyps - Advisory Board + Artist Ambassador

Jack Piatt - Advisory Board

Mat Segal - Advisory Board

Atnarko - Artist Ambassador

DJ Minx - Artist Ambassador

Dru Ruiz - Artist Ambassador

Madame Gandhi - Artist Ambassador

Mike Clarke - Artist Ambassador

Mr. V - Artist Ambassador

Urbanite - Artist Ambassador

Marjo Ribeiro - Artist Ambassador

Oscar P - Artist Ambassador


DJ workshops give youth the opportunity to explore electronic music mixing and production hands on. Expression through music and dance can be a powerful force of hope to our youth program participants. We have an extensive network of professional DJs that volunteer to teach youth, bringing young people impacted by over-incarceration in close proximity to the electronic music world.

This year, Give a Beat hosted DJ workshops in juvenile detention centers in Los Angeles County


Participating Partners:

Thank you for getting all those people there, all of them were amazing. so thank you! Before yesterday I was down, had no motivation. But last evening’s event gave me this motivation. I don’t know what it was but today I woke up different from other days.
— Sam, graduate from Give a Beat’s graphic design workshop at Project Kinship, sharing about his experience from our Project Kinship event

OUR favorite dj workshop memories:


  • Stacey Hale workshops at New Village Girls Academy w/ Native Instruments | PHOTOS

  • Stacey Hale workshop at Youth Justice Coalition – South Central LA | BLOG

  • DJ workshop at DISCWOMAN x Boiler Room TV Movement Pre-party


  • DJ workshop at Pyramind Music School in San Francisco


  • Partnership with Girls Rock Detroit! We provided guest DJs to teach their workshops with their director/coordinator, professional DJ Stacey Hotwaxx Hale


  • Central Juvenile Hall w/ Madame Gandhi and DJ Mary Poppins (Alyssa) Native Instruments

Today felt beautiful, powerful, hopeful. It felt really exciting to see the boys find a sense of self through [DJing]. I loved watching them light up when certain tracks would come on. I loved when they understood the concept of mixing and filtering. It was tough emotionally to watch them have to go back into their cell. I didn’t like that part. But I loved hearing that many of them will be out soon and can look forward to learning DJing. I felt really happy to be that mentor for them.
— Madame Gandhi, drummer, producer, and activist speaking about her experience teaching at Central Juvenile Hall in November


  • Kirby Youth Detention Center DJ Workshop w/T Strong and Urbanite

  • Project Kinship Event | BLOG POST

It was really special to be able to share a bit of the music and gear with the students.
Many of them had never used turntables before, and a few of them got really excited mixing in the records they chose. They also did a great job keeping things going, once it started, the music never stopped.
— Eduardo Rueles, aka Urbanite, reflecting on teaching turntabling at our Project Kinship event


  • T Strong and Jordan Strong led a DJ workshop at Pamela Park High School with Arts for Incarcerated Youth | PHOTOS



Mass incarceration is an enormous challenge that causes generations of suffering. It requires a action from every community and industry. We aim to represent the electronic music community’s response to the grave and devastating injustice of incarceration. One piece of this is ensuring our community is educated about the issues and engaging with it in meaningful ways:


 1. Volunteering at Festivals

Committing to volunteering with an organization makes you feel a part of something! It’s an incredible way to get the community close to our mission and help educate others on the issues, the youth we serve, and how to get involved more deeply. More than 25 people volunteer with Give a Beat at Movement Festival Detroit each year. Collectively, they work our bar, manage our Giant Jenga Fundraising Game, and educate festival-goers at our booth. 


2. The Giant Jenga Fundraising Games

Our signature Give a Beat Jenga for Justice fundraising games made appearances at two festivals in 2018: Dirtybird Campout East (FL) and Movement Detroit (MI). The games educate the community about mass incarceration while engage artists and fans to raise money and awareness for Give a Beat’s youth programs.



Soul Clap, Pillowtalk, Atnarko, Worthy, Walker & Royce, Madam X

Getting the jenga games started at Dirtybird Campout East!

Getting the jenga games started at Dirtybird Campout East!


Soul Clap, Pontchartrain, Mister Joshooa, Atnarko, Lola B, Unicorn Fukr, Chuck Daniels, Wally Callerio, Jason Hodges, DJ Stacey Hotwaxx Hale, Anthony Mansfield, Victor Vega, Alvin Shavers, Freddie Fred, DJ Holographic, Dru Ruiz, The Saunderson Brothers, Shaun J Wright, Dax Lee, Ardalan, J.Phlip, DJ Fortune

Stacey Hotwaxx Hale and friends before jenga match.

Stacey Hotwaxx Hale and friends before jenga match.


Tropical Events hosted their annual benefit boat party for Give a Beat on August 18 celebrating 20 years of Tropical. This year’s Tropical Boat Party had performances by atish, Ben Annand, Mark E Quark, and Doc Martin. Thanks to the support of Ben Annand, Tropical founder, Give a Beat raised $2,500.

Ben Annand DJing at Tropical Boat Party 2018

Ben Annand DJing at Tropical Boat Party 2018



West Coast Weekender - Give a Beat returned to WCW weekender for our 3rd year in a row to table and raise awareness about our organization. WCW is a music festival and conference that takes place in San Diego.


Giving Tuesday is one of the most inspiring days of the year. People donate to—and share info about—all the incredible organizations they support. This year 5 artists and advocates created Facebook fundraisers dedicated to Give a Beat.

Huge thanks to Madame Gandhi, DJ E-Clyps, Nat Black, Christina Rinker and Lyle Tucker!

With their support alongside our Giving Tuesday campaign we raised $5,000+



Give a Beat got into the voting season spirit by promoting the Turn Up the Vote campaign which focuses on getting the electronic music community to vote and to be aligned with the values of the foundation of electronic music culture.


Although our core programs focus on youth, their families and a direct connection to music, Give a Beat is deeply involved in the broader issue of mass incarceration. We independently participate in special projects to further advocacy, awareness, or activism on this issue.

Gratitude for a Change: Inmate Firefighter Appreciation Project

The Gratitude for a Change project aims to educate the public about the issues surrounding mass incarceration, while giving thanks to the inmates who serve in firefighting units around California.

This year, we sent 200 thank you cards to ten conservation camps, which house inmates in these units.

Thank you to our 2018 donors:

Akshay Dhingra

Alex McGeagh

Alex Slater

Alexandra Abbott-Leitz

Alfredo Valoti

Alma Martinez

Amanda Stevens

Andy Tucker

Andy Fusso

Angie Fleeger

Anikka Van Eyl

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