Donate Now

I am feeling compassion for those less fortunate, and for those working tirelessly for social change. I will donate today anywhere Give a Beat needs it most. I know every bit makes a difference, no matter the size of the contribution, it all helps!

I will support Give a Beat's capacity building. I know that in order to make a scalable impact you need a cohesive and strong core team that is a unified force for social good. I will support your staff and operations with a donation.

With this act of forgiveness, I am demonstrating my belief that everyone deserves a second chance, a real chance to have a creative, dignified life and to be self-reliant.  Help Build Our Re-entry Program to give a fair chance to someone that has been stripped of opportunities.

The world needs more love! I want to show our youth that we have enough love to go around by contributing to Give a Beat’s DJ Workshop Programs that bring music education to youth from underserved communities. Music can be a total game changer! I will give and spread the word.

I am totally committed to the pursuit of justice and want to be a part of the Give a Beat team’s efforts to support people who have experienced injustice by making a small monthly donation.



Give a Beat Foundation is a California based 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. Donations by check are also greatly appreciated, please mail to: 387 South Coast Highway Laguna Beach, CA 92651 (tax ID#46-1378116)