“I impulsively quit my high paying job and I was broke as a joke. I just put my heart and soul into writing and producing and recoding an album, and yeah, that's the story.”

- Marissa Guzman

Singing, songwriting and producing come naturally to artist Marissa Guzman, who hails from Detroit and a Motown background. Despite these proclivities for music, Guzman failed to act upon these talents for many years, until she underwent a spiritual awakening in San Francisco. Upon impulsively quitting her marketing job, she poured her heart, heart-break and a desire to heal others into her final product, Joy Road. Guzman donated much of her proceeds towards charity work in Africa, where her song "Time to Go" remixed by Black Coffee received a nomination for the South African Grammy awards. An altruistic talent, we are thrilled to have her as part of Give a Beat! Hear Marissa's beautiful tracks here