Marshall Jones was pulled into the scene in mid-1999 and, like many others before him, came into it enjoying dancing and nightlife. The more he wanted to dance, the deeper he got into the music.

His thirst for knowledge grew. So, he sought out answers through Hotwax Harley and the Radiance Group. He started promoting their premiere Wednesday night event. That quickly led him to playing records and soon enough he was moving to Orlando. There, he explored the nightlife scene and became a fixture of the house music community.

In 2004, Marshall interned with Large Music out of Chicago. Around this time, he also met Ian Lee, who would later become the second half of their duo Soulidified Music. After a few years in Chicago, he moved back to North Carolina to apply everything he learned over the years. He founded Sound Cartel with DJ Nugz and, together, they held down the longest running house music night in Raleigh, at the Mosaic Wine Lounge. They also launched DanceGruv Radio, which now hosts up to 60 DJs from around the world.

Jones is a longtime Give a Beat supporter and uses DanceGruv Radio to not only broadcast DJs and upcoming producers, but to also drive awareness about mass incarceration and other political issues. Jones has appeared on panels with Give a Beat to talk about incarceration and potential solutions. He’s also hosted events that benefit Give a Beat.

He is forever dedicated to his team, projects, and giving back to the community through the power of music. In his own words, “The thing that I cherish the most out of house music is that I am not a part of a culture, but more a part of a global movement.”

“I support Give a Beat because it allows us producers and DJs to give back through the power of music. It allows us do all we can to counter the issues that affect us all as a society.”