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Detroit native and resident, Mike Clark—best known as Agent X—has over 35 years of experience in the music industry. As one of the pioneers in the DJ generation that invented scratching, trim, and edits, his contributions to the music scene reach far and wide.

Mike embraced DJing at a young age. He played in the underground scene and learned everything he could about DJing’s technical aspects. He loves the challenge and invites DJs “to make it all look fun and easy, no matter what the issue;” it’s an adventure to play for a crowd.

During his extensive career, Mike has DJed, produced, and engineered sets with (or for) Derrick May, Carl Craig, Juan Atkins, Eddie Folks, Norm Talley, Delano Smith, Electrifying Mojo, Theo Parrish, Louie Vega, and many more.

Clark gives back to the community through mentoring and promotes the positivity of the dance music scene. He’s also a Lions Club International member. In the past, he had a nonprofit that provided technology education for artists. Clark has volunteered with Give a Beat numerous times and participated in fundraising activations in Detroit.

“I got involved in Give a Beat through my friend and music buddy. It was a great cause and it’s also so important to give back when you can. Through [Give a Beat], I can.”