Give a Beat is really an excellent catalyst for creating social change by highlighting the need for a complete overhaul of the Criminal Justice system. Very happy to support this great cause.
— Andrew Kelsey, Liaison Artists


Give a Beat bridges the electronic music community with youth and families impacted by incarceration. By providing young people with access to professionals in music and related arts, we encourage young people to pursue creative career opportunities.

Work with underserved youth to foster
a cycle of change by: 

  • Developing workforce skills

  • Increase confidence 

  • Harness creativity 

Born out of an electronic music culture that: 

  • Champions underrepresented individuals and champions underrepresented individuals and communities.

  • Believes in the power of art and music as a force for positive change.

  • Has strong ethos of acceptance, compassion, and rejection of the status quo.


We draw on the positive elements of electronic music culture. As a community that fosters peace, love, compassion, understanding and unity we believe music creates a culture of inspiration and hope that facilitates authentic and lasting personal and professional connections. Building solidarity among empathetic artists, volunteers, like-minded organizations, and businesses, we can create opportunities for social change and empower each other to restore dignity to those who have experienced injustice.