Since 1989, Myxzlplix has been a fixture in the ever-shifting landscape of the San Diego DJ scene. He started out hosting backyard parties in gang-held neighborhoods and publishing a zine about alternative/industrial dance music, house, and techno. Myxzlplix soon became one of the names most associated with the nascent San Diego rave scene. As the electronic dance movement peaked in the 90s, Myxzlplix was welcomed into clubs as an ambassador of the underground vibe.

Myxzlplix became a resident at a long-standing, popular weekly called “Hedonism,” at Rich’s, a landmark nightclub in the city's gay neighborhood. Since then, he’s played regularly, written for industry magazines, reported chart selections for Billboard and Giant Step, and has run a multimedia company—all in between DJing and producing. He also handles marketing and operations for Global Subdivisions Radio and continues to release music.

Myxzplix uses his public voice to engage audiences about the causes and issues he cares about. He’s currently involved with or supports Give a Beat, Unlock Hope, PETA, and Amnesty International.  

“I support Give a Beat for their unique ability to reach out and bring awareness to the dance music community about social injustices and foster positive youth programs and initiatives.”