A veteran of the dance music scene for over 20 years, Nappy G, real name Gordon Clay, knows the ins-and-outs of a sound hit, and how to make things resonate with others. Clay proudly affirms his music falls outside the normal “bubble” of popular consciousness, by weaving in thoughts messages regarding politics, race and sexuality. For artists like Clay, bursting this “bubble” allows us to speak freely about issues, and make the most of our voices, via mediums including music, social media, and most recently for Clay, comedy. Performing under the moniker G. Don Clay, Clay turns towards comedy as a newfound way to express his viewpoints, calling humor “the last way that people can be reached on a political level… and still enjoy it.” All laughs aside, Clay epitomizes the musical and inclusive goodwill of Give a Beat, especially as someone who wants to make sure making a difference is also fun.