Nickodemus embodies 2 universal human passions: a passion for music & a love of travel. He tops the list at the industry's most genuine cultural bridge-builder, peacemaker, and booty-shakers out there, weaving together both genres & world culture in his DJ sets and productions. From Lebannon to Cairo, from Spain to South America, Romania to NYC, Nico not only explores the world, but involves the world in the making of his beats.

From being a resident DJ in the early days of Giant Step and Organic Grooves, to DJ and producing the Turntables on the Hudson parties since 1998, Nickodemus has been a steady force on the music scene for over 15 years. He began traveling the world as a DJ since age 18, and started releasing musical productions since 1998. When watching a Nickodemus set, one undergoes an electronic musical journey, taking you through all the diverse cultures and scenes Nickodemus experiences on his travels. His extensive catalog of material provides a listener with a lifetime of songs to hear, and journeys to take.