I want to see boundaries crossed with love, respect, honour and value for life where war exists no more-Iszadore for Ms. Afropolitan

Poet, singer and social activist Sandra Izsadore believes that music is a vessel for change. In the late-60s she befriended Nigerian Afrobeat pioneer Fela Anikulapo-Kuti and encouraged him to address social and political topics directly. Fela did so and went on to gain an international following and become one of Africa’s most outspoken artists. Izsadore later sang on Fela’s 1976 hit “Upside Down.” Over the years, Izsadore used her influence to fight against racism abroad in countries like Cuba as well as here in her native Los Angeles. In addition to working on a novel, she continues to record music, as a solo artist and with Afrolicious’s Joe McGuire. Her experience and her talent make her the perfect ally for us here at Give a Beat.