No one helped me get [DJ gigs] overseas…I did it all myself. As women, we need to help each other make our own opportunities because they’re not being made for us.” – Stacey Hale interview, Robotic Peacock, 2014.

In addition to making beats, Stacey “Hotwaxx” Hale also makes a difference. A legend in her home Detroit, Hale has been both a globe-traveling DJ and committed community activist for over 25 years. In addition to Hale’s ground-breaking role as the Motor City’s first female DJ, she utilizes her influence to ensure women are involved and represented in the music business, as DJs, producers, promoters and entrepreneurs. Hale also runs Lesbians of Color Support Network (LOCS), a mentorship program for young girls, and recently took part in Girls Rock Detroit, a week-long music instruction camp. For Hale, passing along the experience and knowledge she’s gained over the years to women remains her primary mission because, as she notes, “We (women) face a different battle.”

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