Executive Team



Lauren is the co-founder of Give a Beat. A passionate activist, Lauren spent 10 years addressing the AIDS orphan epidemic in Africa with her first nonprofit, before switching her focus to the enormous domestic injustice of incarceration.

A longtime member of the dance music community, Lauren launched Give a Beat in 2014 and has since engaged DJs, music technology companies, festivals, and event promoters in the fight against mass incarceration.

In addition to Give a Beat, Lauren also owns and operates a retail store and custom printing business in Laguna Beach, which her family established 37 years ago. The store is tagged "the t-shirt shop with a conscience” through it’s social good initiatives and the supporting of local and international non-profits as well as local artists and craftspeople..


Virginia is non-profit development professional who has experience in helping small to mid-sized organizations create and implement fundraising strategies and organizational infrastructure.


Greg is the Director of Development for the world famous Preservation Hall Jazz Band. He has over 15 years in the creative industries, developing brand partnerships and activations to leverage pre-event marketing initiatives, on-site media and post-event rich content distribution to maximize ticket sales and exposure for sponsors.

TODD STRONG – Director of Strategic Partnerships

Todd is a music and technology businessman, musician and DJ.  He worked at numerous groundbreaking record labels including Sub Pop, Geffen/DGC and Alias Records before moving to the larger tech industry as an exec in marketing and sales.  He has also played, toured and recorded with numerous bands as a musician and DJ’d many clubs, parties and events throughout the years.


Board of Directors

Matthew Adell - music exec - native instruments, beatport

Matthew Adell has been a senior leader in the Music Industry for 30 years. He is the former CEO of Beatport.com and Metapop.com and has held senior executive positions at Native Instruments, Napster and Amazon. He is proud to be contributing to the important work at Give A Beat.

Melissa Hou, CPA (MST) Tax Manager - White Nelson Diehl Evans LLP

Melissa is a Certified Public Accountant with over 10 years of experience providing tax compliance and advisory support for non-profit organizations.  These organizations range from mission to end homelessness, hunger, youth development, to baseball leagues, business associations, and retirement communities.  She brings with her a love of the electronic music and a passionate desire to give back to the community.

Eric Marcoullier - tech and music investor/advisor

Eric Marcoullier began the '90s as a club DJ spinning breaks and drum n' bass records from San Francisco to Moscow. Since dropping out of college in 1995, he has co-founded a number companies. Some were successful, some not so much. They include IGN, MyBlogLog and Gnip. He currently runs a travel startup and advises the next generation of young entrepreneurs.

Michael Mendoza - Policy Director Anti-Recidivism Coalition

Michael embodies ARC's ideals and vision for a more just world. As a 15 year-old, Michael was sentenced to 15 years to life and was told that he would spend the rest of his life in adult prison. Through the unyielding advocacy of ARC, SB 260 was passed in 2013. It was this bill that gave Michael the opportunity to parole in 2014. Since then, Michael has graduated from San Francisco State University with a BA in Political Science and was previously the policy associate with #cut50.

Leon Morley - Financial Advisor/ Sax Player

Leon Morley is a former nightclub owner that transitioned into finance and banking.  Leon has been a Sports and Entertainment banker where he worked with musicians and athletes in the NFL and NBA.   He is currently a wealth advisor based out of Miami, Florida.  His passion for music is still a prominent part of his life as he is also a well known international saxophone player that performs with world famous electronic music acts.


Greg Lucas

virginia cheung

Advisory Board


From the mid 90’s, LA-based DJ and Promoter, Ben Annand, has been at the forefront of the dance music scene with an array of Tropical events. With nearly 60 events, including warehouse, boat parties, beach parties, campouts, retreats and festivals, Tropical, a nonprofit, has raised over $18,000 to date for other nonprofits, though the bulk of the funds raised has gone to Give a Beat and NextAid (the former organization that was founded and run by Lauren Segal, Give a Beat’s founder and ED).

Julia Bistriceanu  - Activist / Artist Relations

Julia Bistriceanu is an LA based young professional and music lover. She has been part of the Give a Beat team for three years fulfilling various roles such as social media coordinator, artist relations liaison, and project manager. She graduated from University of California, Santa Barbara with a degree in Global Studies in 2014. Julia has immersed herself in the dance music scene since the age of 16 and fully believes in its power to spread positive values of love, inclusivity, and unity.


From being a resident DJ in the early days of Giant Step & Organic Grooves, to DJ & producing the Turntables on the Hudson parties since 1998, Nickodemus has been a steady force on the music scene for over 15 Years. He has traveled the world as a DJ since he was 18 years old.   

DJ E-Clyps - DJ / Producer

Long time DJ and producer, DJ E-Clyps has consistently proven that he delivers in the studio and on the decks. In 2017, he made his debut at Dirtybird Campout and has hit the ground running in 2018 as a DJ Mag breakthrough producer nominee. He’s also released music on Classic Music Company, Defected Records, and Dirtybird. DJ E-Clyps first got involved with Give a Beat by participating in the signature Giant Jenga games at Dirtybird Campout '17. Apart from his involvement in Give a Beat, he has spoken at juvenile facilities, taught music production classes in inner city music programs, and advocated for causes he cares about on social media. 


For over 10 years, Brooke has been on the cutting edge of marketing and creative strategy, brand positioning and activations, organizational development, caused based and product marketing, and global communications for numerous companies and nonprofit organizations.  Inspired by the natural world, Brooke seeks to engage communities in positive transformation and greater equality for all.  Having grown up in Detroit, she has always been a part of the dance music community and is currently based in Michigan. Brooke has been a Give a Beat advisory board member since the organization’s inception.

Terri harel

Terri Harel is a consultant and DJ currently living in Berlin. Since 2012, she's worked in the social impact space, particularly focused on nonprofit media, social entrepreneurship, fundraising and nonprofit technology. She's also contributed to online platforms like Resident Advisor, FWD.DJ and Music Is 4 Lovers and has been an active member of the underground dance music community in California.

Marshall Jones – DJ, Co-Owner - DanceGruv Radio

With over 16 years as a DJ in the House Music scene, DJ Marshall Jones has played with many of the world’s renowned artists. More recently, he formed the DJ duo, Sound Cartel, with his DJ friend, DJ Nugz, to bring more underground funky and Deep House sound to North Carolina, while simultaneously helping to form deep house collective, DanceGruv Radio, as a way to use radio as a tool for social change.


Her social services work has focused on direct services, as well as training and technical assistance, for programs serving youth and their families in highly distressed situations (youth in poverty, foster care youth, youth on probation, homeless and runaway youth, children of prisoners). 


Tomas has over 25 years of extensive writing and editing background for publications including XLR8, Bandcamp, SF Weekly, SF Bay Guardian, and URB Magazine.

Michelle Petruolo – Co-Owner, Program Manager - DanceGruv Radio

A native of Pennsylvania now living in North Carolina, Michelle strives to bring the dance music community together with events that have a charitable sense. She has built strong relationships within this music community to make a positive difference.  Michelle also brings with her 30 years of experience working in the financial management sector.

Jack Piatt - Director of Operations/Partner at Jammcard, Inc. - The Music Professionals Network. 

Jack was a Sergeant in the US Army's 82nd Airborne Division and attended both undergraduate and graduate school at Southern Illinois University. Throughout his life he has been active in the civil society realm, working with projects such as Imagining Geographies, The Palau Project, Participant Media and Disney's - Save My Ocean Tour and various others. Jack is also a writer/filmmaker who is dedicated to using his platform to create positive social change in the world. 

Jessica Poche

Jessica is a dynamic and energetic contributor to the cultural vibrancy of niche communities across the country. First in Chicago in the ‘90s, then in New York Cityand South Beach Miami beginning in 2004, she’s put on multifaceted events with nightclubs, beach bars, restaurants, retailers, nonprofits, museums, art galleries, theater companies, and cultural sites.

Christina Rinker

Christina is a Board Certified Behavior Behavior Analyst for San Francisco Unified School District who supports students at-risk by providing them with educational opportunities they might not otherwise have. She has been actively involved in dance music culture since the mid 90’s, and has worked with children and families professionally in many capacities for just as long. Christina has a Master’s degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis, holds a teaching credential in Career Technical education, and is also a registered Yoga teacher.

Mat Segal

Mat Segal has an extensive background in strategy consulting and business management. He is currently Senior Vice President of Global Business Development for Trojan Battery Company where he is responsible for developing and implementing Trojan’s goal of bringing clean, affordable energy to developing communities around the world. 


Asya is the Founder and Publisher of Fusicology.com, the number one source for progressive soul music & culture since 2003. Having attended college in Detroit, Asya is long-time lover of the city and its techno roots.



Chris Smith has been one of the most highly regarded pioneers in the house music industry for over 20 years. He is the founder and CEO of Om Records, managing partner at Monarch SF, and founder of Up All Night. 

Jordan Strong

Jordan Strong is a Los Angeles based writer, music producer, event producer, and has been DJing for over two decades.

Lynn Tejada - Founder, Green Galactic

Now in its 23rd year, Green Galactic (GG) was established in Hollywood, California in 1993 based on its founder’s passion for her hometown music, Detroit Techno. GG provides consulting and publicity services to a delightful array of mind-blowing and soul-touching arts & culture clients that frequently blur the lines between fine art and popular culture.


Since 1991, Jim Tremayne has been the Editor of DJ Times, America’s first monthly magazine for professional DJs. He joined the publication in 1990 and, since then, has written, edited and assigned hundreds of stories on DJs, clubs, events and equipment/technology. Since 1990, he’s been a principal organizer of The DJ Expo—America’s largest and longest-running DJ convention/exhibition.

Celine West – Marketing Copywriter, Give a Beat Communications 

Celine is a marketing copywriter and social justice advocate for Give a Beat. She is passionate about using copywriting, social media, and other marketing communications to create conversations around the problem of mass incarceration in America in order to educate, further our reach, and make a greater impact with our programs.


Josh Weiss – Founder & Chief Information Officer, L.A. Creative Technologies // Co-Founder & DJ, Subsuelo

Josh is a former radio technician who’s always been passionate about technology applications within creative fields. He’s constantly looking for new ways to connect both worlds so they complement and strengthen each other. In his (not-so-copious) spare time, he also co-founded and continues to run and DJ for L.A.-based music collective Subsuelo.



As a member of the Anti-Recidivism Coalition, Sean recently joined the Give a Beat team to spearhead our entrepreneur mentorship program.  He earned an Associates Degree in business management and liberal arts as valedictorian while incarcerated.  His TED talk in 2014 entitled “Fear” explores the trials and tribulations of his life and how every person has the potential to reinvent themselves.