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With over a decade of experience as an independent artist, Urbanite AKA Eduardo Ruelas, began his journey into the electronic music scene in early 2014. With a main focus on the classically influenced deep house & garage sound, he has slowly but steadily perfected his craft as a versatile, multi-genre capable DJ, and producer in the underground. In spring of 2016 he founded his own deep house vinyl imprint, 12 Inches Deep, followed up by a garage sub-label, Hot Dime Recordings. He has brought his DJing and turntable skills to several Give a Beat youth music justice workshops. Aside from his musical passion, Eduardo cares about the systemic injustices against people of color, the unequal distribution of wealth in our society, resistance against the construction of any walls at our borders, and the preservation of our planet. 

"I really believe in the power of positive outreach through music. While there are many ways to reciprocate positive influence, there are not many groups who do so in such a tangible manner as Give A Beat, specifically their willingness to work with troubled and at risk youth."