“Come for the dancing and stay for the activism, or if you have two left feet like me, visa-versa."

- Will Magid

The term “world-music” takes on a new meaning when associated with Will Magid.  A skillful producer & DJ as well as a talented trumpeter, Magid combines the sound of live music from various cultures with the sizzle of electronic beats.  Magid’s extensive experience of having performed on every continent sans Antarctica lends an ethos to his music, what KCRW called “a golden touch.”  In conjunction with his broad musical background, Magid routinely finds ways to raise awareness for social justice and charity; he co-founded Worldwide Dance Party, Oakland-based live music events, with the funds going towards campaigns including Amnesty International’s oil-cleanup efforts in Nigeria.  To support Magid’s culture-bridging music- making contribute on his Patreon page here.